Empower true value of hardware with great software and service

Our team include leadership and senior staffs from tier 1 OEM, ODM, design house and user research firm. Pure software & service ODM company, we don’t run our own brand.

Our Services

Web App Design

Responsive Web Design. For any web application, we can customize them based on your requests. No matter static website or dynamic website.

App Development

We are farmily with iOS and Android app development. Develop and manage the app which has 10m download counts.

UI/UX Design

UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are a key factor to a successful product. Not only app design, we also provide WOW UI/UX design.

Manage Statistics

Detailed Statistics of your Applicaion

Detailed Statistics to make data-driven decisions that can improve applicaion-related outcomes. The benefits may include more effective marketing, new revenue opportunities, customer personalization and improved operational efficiency.